Fight the festive Frizz

As Autumn draws to a close and winter takes hold it is especially important to replenish your hair with a moisturising treatment or mask, not only to counteract the effects of the summer sun, but to provide extra protection against the inevitable results of winter in the U.K, one main culprit being heating systems.

Harsh winters combined with dry air can be stressful on the hair so we have compiled a list of a few easy checkpoints to ensure that your hair not only looks, but feels its best this winter.


What shampoo & conditioner are you using?

Everyone’s hair types differ and therefore will require different results from the products they use.

The Pureology range is 100% vegan and sulphate & paraben free, and contains Pureology’s exclusive anti-fade complex, specifically designed to prevent colour fade & protect against harmful effects from the sun, pollution & free radicals.

Each line contains various nutrients, plants and oil extract, carefully selected to provide strength, moisture and even volume where needed.


Pureology Created For Blend Scent
Hydrate For Dry, Colour Treated Hair Hydrating Jojoba & Green Tea Ylang Ylang, Bergamot &Patchouli
Strength Cure For Micro Scarred, Damaged, Colour Treated Hair Antioxidants, Keravis, Ceramide & Arginine Lavender, Honey, Peach & Vanilla
Smooth Perfection For Unmanageable, Colour Treated Hair Camellia Oil, Sesame Oil, Shea Butter & Geranium Extract Raspberry, Jasmine & Cocoa Powder
Volume For Colour Treated Hair Fortifying Wheat Protein & Refreshing Eucalyptus Amber, Peach & Jasmine
Fullfyl For Fine, Colour Treated Hair In Need of Density & Texture Fortifying Wheat Protein & Sunflower Seed Extract Jasmine Gardenia & Vanilla
Perfect 4 Platinum For Fragile, Highlighted & Highly-Lifted Hair Strengthening Keravis & Brightening Lemon Extract Pear, Peony & Vanilla
Precious Oil For Rough, Brittle, Colour Treated Hair Sunflower, Coconut, Olive & Jojoba Oils White Flower, Orange Blossom & Sandalwood

Pureology RRP: Shampoo £16.00 Conditioner £20.00


As the Pureology range is highly concentrated (only a 5p size amount is necessary), we have however found that this can sometimes be slightly too heavy for some clients in which case we would always recommend products from the Redken Fifth Avenue Range.

Redken Created For How It Works Blend
All Soft For Dry & Brittle Hair Nourishes Hair For Intense softness Argan Oil
Extreme Fortifier For Distressed Hair Protects Internal Strength & Reinforces Surface Protection & Shine Contains Protein & Ceramide
Curvaceous For All Curl Types Infuses Curls With Lightweight Conditioner Sugar Crystals & Moringa Oil
Colour Magnetics For Colour Treated Hair Charge Attract Complex Delivers Charged Amino-ions That Attract To The Hair Fibre To Form A Barrier Vegetable Protein, Leaf Extract & Camellia Sinensis

Redken Fifth Avenue RRP; Shampoo £14.00 Conditioner £15.50


Note: Always use conditioner!! Conditioners help to bind hair fibres together, to make them stronger.


Hair Masks Or Treatments?

Whilst Both Hair Masks & Treatments provide the hair with essential nutrients, they differ in their processes.

Masks generally treat the outer hair shaft, their effects lasting up to 6-8 washes, whereas treatments tend to focus at the core of the hair follicle and a required less frequently, every 6-8 weeks, in conjunction with your recommended colour/cut appointment.


Below are some of our more popular masks. See the above table to find the right one for you!





Strength Cure



All Soft




Colour Magnetics



L’Oreal’s Unique Protective & Strengthening Treatment Designed For Use In Salons.

It Is Specifically Formulated To Strengthen The Keratin Chains Linked By Bonds Which Make Up The Hair Shafts Fibres

We will always recommend that clients whom wish to have the smart bond, follow it up with the at home care conditioner once a week, for a reinforced, more resistant, soft & shiny hair fibre.

Are you brushing your hair right?

It sounds like a bizarre question but brushing the hair can be damaging, especially on a windy day, after which your hair can become extremely knotted or tangled, or when your hair is wet, and therefore at its weakest.

  • Ensuring your hair is as dry as possible, Section your hair into 2 halves, (or if it’s particularly thick, separate off a top section from above your ears following round to the back of your head at the crown).
  • One section at a time, use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair, starting from the ends and working your way up. This will prevent unnecessary pulling of the hair from the root.
  • If you find that your hair is particularly unmanageable, or you have a sensitive scalp, we would always recommend the use of a style aid or serum such as Pureologys 21 benefits or Lanza’s smoothing Balm if you are not already using one.


21 Benefits

Featuring Pureology’s exclusive anti-fade complex, this lightweight mist primes, protects & perfects whist delivering 21 benefits for colour treated hair.

Benefits include; reduces breakage, reduces frizz, Smooths cuticles

RRP £23.00


Lanza Smoothing Balm

Lanza’s unique balm calms curls and waves whilst reducing frizz.
Benefits Include: reduces drying time whilst protecting from heat & UV rays, blocks humidity & stops frizz.

RRP £16.55

To dry or not to dry??

As we’ve already stated, it’s at this time of year that our hair tends to become dry and frizzy, and as the use of high heat styling tools can also distort hair colour, another tip to ensure your hair is kept in the best possible condition during this time of the year would be to avoid overheating when possible with the use of irons, styling tools & even hair dryers.
Altering your daily routine slightly so that you, for example, wash your hair before bed & allow it to dry to 90% naturally by morning will be less stressful on the hair as it will require a shorter amount of time under the artificial heat, leaving your hair feeling fuller & smoother.


Perfect styling aids include:


For Smooth Hair

Pureology Smooth Pefection-Smoothing Serum

Pureology’s smoothing serum provides smoothness, frizz control and protects from heat styling damage.

Benefits include; Hair is soothed and manageability restored


For Thin Hair

Pureology Fullfyl Densifying Spray

This lightweight spray envelopes the hair for a densifying effect.
Benefits Include: Hair feels and looks fuller, with plenty of body & texture.


For Curly Hair

Redken Curvaceous Ringlet

Redken’s curvaceous ringlet provides additional definition helping to achieve your desired shape.


For Dry Hair

Pureology Hydrate Shine Max

Hydrate’s Shine Max provides shine and smoothes flyaway’s.

Benefits Include: Eliminates Frizz, Improves smoothness, enhances

So there it is, your winter hair care checklist… ensuring that even if your planned nights out flop, your hair definitely won’t. Any other questions or queries???

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