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Best Hair Colourist in London

When looking for the best hair colourist in London different things are of importance depending on what you would classify as the best?

Would it be a salon that offers beautiful bespoke highlights using a balayage technique? This technique can …

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Best Men’s Haircut London by Willow Hair Highgate

2017 has seen a rise in stylish yet contemporary hairstyles for men, whether you want a low fade textured cut or a high fade with loose pompadour. Maybe it’s just a simple short back & sides, either way at Willow …

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Hair Colour In London

At a time where we as society are eager to educate the next generation on the importance of inner beauty vs. outer beauty, it is essential that we are able to create styles and colours which emphasise each individual client’s …

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Where to Get Hair Extensions in London

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Best Hairdressers in London

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Willow Hair Salon in London – Because Your Mum Deserves The Best!

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