With 2017 finally upon us, it’s time to kick into action all the plans and promises made in 2016.

Its factors in life such as work, family, friends & lifestyle choices that can make a large impact on not only how we feel but how we see ourselves, so it’s important that as we step into the new year we address aspects of our life that breed negativity and focus our energies on what makes us happy & motivated.

Whether it’s a new career path, change in lifestyle or a bit of soul searching you’re hoping to achieve, we’re here to help you accomplish it feeling your best and with more confidence than ever.

A fresh colour and cut personalised to enhance and compliment your face shape, skin tone & personality can make a huge difference to your self confidence, making it easier to take on challenges/situations that you may have otherwise avoided.
Below is a table listing our various face shapes & the styles best suited to enhance your natural beauty.


Face Shape Qualities Hair Style Fringe
Oval The length of your face equals 1.5 times the width Most styles & fringes inc. Bobs & pixie cuts All
Oblong Similar to oval shapes but with either a longer chin or forehead Most styles & Fringes.
Avoid extra long styles as these will elongate your face.
Round The width of your forehead & cheekbones are more or less equal & your features soft. Long or short styles with movement Long, Side swept
Square Similar to round face shapes but you have sharp, angular features Asymmetric styles with layers & curved edges to soften the face Feathered
Heart Your face is wider at the forehead & narrow at the chin Long with a fringe to highlight cheekbones. Long
Triangle The narrowest part of your face sits at your temples, widening slightly at the cheeks and extending down to the jaw line. Lots of layers creating fullness at the top & drawing attention to jaw line.

Fringes, side partings and hair styled half up work well.

Curtained/ Feathered


To ensure you’re getting the best out of your cut/style, it is always useful to invest in a few good style aids (in addition to your stylist recommended shampoo & conditioner).

Our current favourites are Pureology’s21 Benefit’s and ‘Smooth Perfection Smoothing Serum’, For use on towel dried hair, whether you’re leaving it to try naturally or styling it, your hair will be left manageable, frizz free & shiny.

21 Benefits

Featuring Pureology’s exclusive anti-fade complex, this lightweight mist primes, protects & perfects whist delivering 21 benefits for colour treated hair.

Benefits include; reduces breakage, reduces frizz, Smooths cuticles
RRP £23.00

Pureology Smooth Pefection-Smoothing Serum

Pureology’s smoothing serum provides smoothness, frizz control and protects from heat styling damage.

Benefits include; Hair is soothed and manageability restored
RRP £23.00

So those are our top recommendations for styles to suit our variable face shapes, if you’re looking for a bit more of a change, why not look for inspiration in our blog ‘What does your hair colour say about you?’ for 2017s colour trends.