About Laura

After working alongside the hair, makup and prosthetics course at the London College of Fashion for many years, Laura left to pursue her own career in the beauty industry.

She began her journey with permanent makeup, Laura is fully qualified in both semi permanent makeup (eyebrows, eyeliner, lips) and microblading after training at the world renowned ‘ID Liner’ by Tracie Giles in Knightsbridge, London.

She then moved onto aesthetic training with the distinguished ‘Emma Coates’ and is fully qualified in Dermaplanning, LED Light therapy, glycolic peels, mesotherapy and microneedling.

Using only the highest quality products including: ID Liner, by Tracie Giles, Tina Davies, Clinicare, genosys, dermafix and Epiderma5, Laura offers a professional, knowledgeable service.

Laura constantly continues her training and education ensuring the most current and innovative methods can be used on her clients.

All of the treatments Laura offers focus on treatable skin conditions with an aim to improve the overall look, tone and texture of the skin.


Treatable skin conditions include:


*Anti-ageing: skin resurfacing, improve fine lines, skin laxness, tone and texture

*Acne: (papular, pustular, cystic) and acne scarring

*Pores: Improve the appearance and minimise pores

*Pigmentation: reduction in pigmentation and hyperpigmentation

*Stretchmarks: Improve the appearance of stretch marks

*Scars: Improve the appearance of scars

*Regulation of oily & dry skin

Beauty Treatments:

What is dermaplaning?

A painless and safe treatment using a sterile scalpel to remove the outer layer of dead skin and vellus hair (facial peach fuzz). This will leave the skin glowing with minimised pores and a brighter, more even appearance. You’ll find your foundation glides on smoothly for an airbrushed makeup look and skin care will penetrate much deeper. Skin tone will appear more even, redness will reduce and superficial acne scarring will fade. It is also clinically proven to achieve a reduction in wrinkles over time as the process stimulates the skin’s collagen production.

What is LED light therapy?

LED light therapy is a painless, relaxing, non invasive skin care treatment that has multiple benefits including stimulating collagen, treating acne and reducing redness and puffiness. The light works by sending low level light energy into the deeper layers of the skin.

What is a glycolic peel?

This peel will stimulate natural collagen production as well as removing dead skin cells and unblock pores. Fine lines will be diminished, skin tone will appear more even and it can reduce acne and scarring. Skin will be left feeling soft, clean and revitalised. A course of 6 is recommended to achieve full results.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure where a series of superfine injections of vitamins, minerals and amino acid cocktails are delivered into the mesodermal layer of the skin. This infusion nourishes and rejuvenates the skin while also stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, both essential for skin’s natural elasticity. Skin will become more radiant, hydrated, nourished and firmer with an improved texture. A course of 6 is recommended to achieve full results.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a procedure that uses small needles to treat and improve conditions such as acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, skin texture, pore size, brown spots, stretch marks and pigmentation. This procedure is fantastic for all skin issues. A course of 4-6 is recommended to achieve full results.

Treatment list Face & Body

LED Light Therapy facial PRICE
LED Light Therapy facial £50
Luxury Dermaplaning facial £65
Luxury Dermaplaning facial with LED light therapy £75
Luxury “Hollywood” facial £90
Glycolic peel £50
Mesotherapy *COMING SOON*£60
Glycolic peel & Mesotherapy *COMING SOON*£75
Glycolic peel (face + chest)£60
Glycolic peel (back)£70
Beauty Mask£40
Top Up SPMU£0
Microneedling-Dermarolling/Dermapen (face) £100
Microneedling-Dermarolling/Dermapen(body) price on consultation

Eyelash treatment

A patch test is required at least 24 hours before treatment.

Eyelash lift with tint £40

Treatment List

Permanent Makeup PRICE
Eyelash enhancement £120
Microblading/Nanoblading Eyebrows £250
Blade & Shade Eyebrows £250
Powder Brow £250
Lip Blush £250
Full lip colour £300



Below are some frequently asked questions, any other questions can be discussed during the consultation.


Will I need an allergy/patch test?

Yes, this will be carried out during the initial consultation.


Does PMU hurt?

Depending on individual pain threshold you may feel a slight discomfort, most clients feedback a scratchy sensation that is more irritating than painful. All clients are numbed before and throughout the treatments and can take a break at any point.


How long will my PMU last?

This will vary from person to person. PMU can last between 1-5 years depending on the area procedure and the clients skin type. The aftercare in the first 2 weeks post treatment are crucial to achieve long lasting, great results. This will all be explained on the day and an aftercare kit will be provided. Furthermore, a top up is required 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment. Again, this is crucial in order to achieve the perfect PMU.


Is the top up in included in the price?

Yes, the price includes the initial treatment and 4-6 week top up. We also offer a free consultation pre treatment to discuss the treatment and clients needs. A deposit will be required to secure your booking. This will be deducted from the final price.


How long does the procedure take?

Each treatment is different, however, clients should allow up to 2 hours for their initial treatment. For the top up 4-6 weeks later, clients should allow 1.5 hours.


What are the side effects of PMU?

During the treatment there can be a minimal amount of bleeding, however, this varies from client to client. There may be some swelling, bruising, redness and tenderness after the procedure. This will subside within 1-3 days and is totally normal during the initial healing period.


How long is the healing process?

The healing process for PMU is 2 weeks.


I already have PMU, cns you work over this?

This would need to be decided on an individual basis, please book in for a free consultation.


For More information on Pre and Post procedure advice please click here