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Continuing our quest to establish ourselves on a wider scale, we have decided to look at our most popular services and analyse them against similar services offered at salons local to our area… After all, it is our belief that you can only be the best by challenging yourself against those whose work you admire and aspire to imitate/adapt.

The number of Hair extensions London is offering has risen vastly over the past 10 years with clients more keen than ever to achieve certain styles whilst causing minimum damage to their own hair. This trend has been picked up on not only by salons and hair stylists but by celebrities and varied online stockists, making the decision of which brand to choose confusing.

With over 58 years combined experience between them, our stylists have tried and tested a variety of products and techniques and can wholeheartedly guarantee Great Lengths as the best available hair extensions in London, the use of which carries not only personal but ethical advantages.

Great Lengths have invested much time and money into establishing themselves as one of the top suppliers of 100% human hair which is ethically sourced from India.

The hair is donated by both men and woman on completing a religious pilgrimage to the Hindu Temple in Tirumala, India. All proceeds made from the sales of these generous donations are then reinvested towards important local community projects such as medical aid and education.

Once collected, the hair is purified and sewn into sheets of cloth to ensure the hair follicles are held in place. Existing pigment is then removed from the hair via the process of osmosis, to prevent damage, before being placed into a colour bath to be fixed with a new colour.

-This process is also used within the production of Cashmere, and Great Lengths confidently guarantee that it leaves the hair manageable, glossy and long lasting!

Whilst Hair extensions once signified the wearers’ wealth and status in society, they are now used by people of all classes and are readily available from a variety of retailers. Application methods vary and it’s important to choose the right type for you if you are to get the best possible use of them. You can find more information on application techniques in our blog “Hair Extensions: When in doubt, Fake it”.

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At Willow Hair we are dedicated to delivering the highest possible standards not only in terms of products, but customer service. So why not book in for a free colour match & consultation and to discover the benefits of choosing Great Lengths Hair Extensions at Willow Hair.


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