At a time where we as society are eager to educate the next generation on the importance of inner beauty vs. outer beauty, it is essential that we are able to create styles and colours which emphasise each individual client’s natural beauty rather than a superficial version of themselves. Whilst we may not initially admit to it, our hair is one of our most defining features, so when it goes wrong, it can have a knock on effect to not only our self confidence but on how others perceive us. At Willow Hair we continually educate our staff on colour trends, techniques and treatments to establish our salon as one of the best for hair colour in London.

The right colour can do wonders for your complexion, and when applied using certain techniques, can create illusions which alter our face shape and structure. Examples of this can be found in our blog titled “What Can Your Hair Colour Do For You?”

Hair Colour In London at Willow Hair Salon

At Willow Hair we have chosen to work alongside L’Oreal Professional. Not only do their products include a wide selection of bases and tones, but each line has also been specifically formulated for a different purpose. From permanent hair colours to high gloss fashion shades or ammonia free colours there’s a hair colouring system for everyone. In addition to this, L’Oreal strives to formulate and work in conjunction with products that not only protect the hair, but also the colour, making them, in our opinion, the no1 choice for hair colour in London.

L’Oreal’s newest treatment, to be used in conjunction with colours has proven itself extremely popular with both stylists and clients.

The Smartbond treatment is specifically formulated to target, strengthen and protect the keratin chains which make up our hair shafts fibres. These chains are damaged through various chemical and technical processes such as colouring and straightening causing the hair to become dry and frizzy.

The smartbond process counteracts these effects leaving your hair manageable, shiny, and most importantly, protected!

L’Oreal professional have also recently developed an app, available to the public, which enables clients to play around with different hair styles and colours. The use of ’Style my hair’ in salon also allows stylists to present clients with a visual example. Clients frequently request colours and styles which we as professionals may disagree with slightly due to factors such as skin tones, hair types and even hair condition, the use of a visual helps us to convey not only why certain colours wouldn’t work, but also in some cases, the predicted end result.

As ambassadors of the beauty industry we wholeheartedly agree that natural beauty is something which should be embraced and celebrated. This may sound odd coming from a profession whose goal it is to transform a person’s look, but as L’Oreal Professional trained colourists we have found the elegant balance between emphasising a client’s natural beauty whilst also incorporating that personal creative flare that sets our clients above the rest.

Need more convincing? Book in for a free consultation now & let us prove ourselves the best for hair colour in London.