With the ever changing trends in fashions and lifestyles it can be a daunting task to try and maintain an up to date image/representation of one’s self. Luckily, in 2017 we’re continuing the celebration of natural beauty, whilst incorporating flashes of colour in a variation of techniques.

Care For Your Colour

Whether you want to enhance/ refresh your own natural colour with a tint, blend your roots with a set of highlights, or after an altogether much bigger change, it is important to remember to ask your stylist about the best treatments available for your hair. We will always encourage our colour clients to purchase a L’Oreal smartbond in salon treatment, which is mixed into the colours prior to application to ensure strong hair & minimum colour fade.

Our hair fibres & cortex are made up of keratin chains which are linked together by bonds. Consistent colouring and over styling can damage and weaken these bonds, leaving your hair dry, frizzy & brittle. Smartbond is specifically designed to target these areas, protecting during colouring and strengthening for the future. The protected state of your hair can then be reinforced by purchasing smartbond’s at home conditioner, to be used once a week.

Check our list of recommended anti colour fade Shampoos and Conditioners for the right products for your hair type.

Below is a carefully compiled list of our favourite colour trends for 2017.

Illuminate Yourself

Balayage is the subtle application of colour to create a natural blend of colours & tones, mimicking the look of grown out highlights.

As this technique has proven itself popular over the past 2-3 years, hair stylists all over have played with the technique to update it for 2017’s trends, incorporating fashion colours much more, so whether it be pastels or neon shades, there’s a colour for everyone.

Hair Eclipting

With an ever increasing number of makeup tutorials taking the internet by storm in was only a matter of time before someone made a link between highlighting/contouring for the face and how that could be adapted to colour techniques for the hair.  Global Artistic Director for Aveda, Ian Michael Black has fashioned one of the more popular adaptations of the balayage technique. Titled ‘Hair Elictping’, this adaptation is a simple yet effective progression from Balayage, incorporating splashes of colour around the jaw line & incorporating it into fringes to accentuate/ Compliment the individual clients face shapes.

By selecting colours and tones which contrast to each individual clients base tones, an optical illusion of sorts can be created. For example, to define a jaw line, or make the face appear slimmer, a darker tone can be incorporated to the under sections of the hair in line with the clients cheekbones.
This method can also be used to offset the density of the hair. On clients with thinner hair for example, a deeper colour applied to the under layers can create the illusion of fullness.


Tiger Eye Hair Colour

The Tiger Eye technique is another trend increasing in popularity.

The technique was originally inspired by the tiger eye stone, an ancient talisman, offering self protection, good fortune & confidence to those who carry it. The latter being an attribute that most of us find ourselves in need of at one aspect of our lives or another.

The stone itself combines rich brown, golden and caramel hues which blend together and sparkle in the light.

With the fashion world more content than ever on celebrating the idea of natural beauty this provided the perfect inspiration for a colour scheme that could not only compliment the clients base tones but could also provide a noticeable transformation.


Rainbow Balayage

Whilst the balayage trend may have initially focused on creating natural blends based on the individual clients’ base and skin tones, 2017 has seen the Rainbow Balayage make a comeback, combining the signature subtle blend with rich vibrant hues.


The ‘In’ Colours for 2017!

No one ever said that a new year meant a complete change, and that all trends/fashions from the previous year should be disregarded, and 2017 is no exception to that.

2016 saw a rise in the popularity of rose gold tones, applied in a variety of techniques. Rose gold shades provide a touch of elegance no matter how you chose to style your hair & will compliment most undertones & face shapes.

Golden blondes and mousy browns can achieve this look easily with L’Oreal’s at home colour correct conditioner.
The deep purple conditioning cream neutralises golden blondes to create rose gold/ mink tones, which will appear more vibrant the longer it is left on. Sadly this is not a permanent toner and will wash out after approximately 2 washes. For a longer lasting colour, we recommend you book in with your stylist for a personalised consultation.

Other colours making an impact from the catwalk to the high street include mint green & various shades of blue.
The high gloss midnight blue is another one of our favourite colours for 2017. Similarly to the rose gold/mink tones, it is a shade that can be pulled off by people with most skin tones.

Your chosen shade of blue should again always be selected based on your skins natural undertones. If a shade in particular is required, certain colour concentrates may be added to offset or emphasise others. A blue colour concentrate for example will always counteract a warm underdone.


With your hair style advice now covered, what changes will you make for 2017?

Always remember that whatever style may tempt you, one of our stylists will always be on hand to adapt it, ensuring that it compliments your look whilst retaining your individual style & character.

Never be afraid to try something new!