2017 has seen a rise in stylish yet contemporary hairstyles for men, whether you want a low fade textured cut or a high fade with loose pompadour. Maybe it’s just a simple short back & sides, either way at Willow Hair HIghgate we can deliver for you the best men’s haircut London.

Clipper cuts have been current & cool for decades with variations on how they are incorporated into a style. However, now with the revival of the Pompadour we really have lots to be excited about.

The quiff like movement of longer hair worn swept up & back through the top was first made popular by the man himself Elvis Presley, and now more than 60 years later you can have that look here with us delivering to you the best haircut in London.

Over the decades we have seen variations on this look worn by all sorts of celebrities such as James dean in the 50’s, John Travolta in the 70’s, Morrissey and Prince in the 80’s right through to David Beckham, Bruno Mars and Zayn Malik today. Our adaptation on this pompadour style can give definition and character to your haircut. Business man or rock god, we can adapt this best men’s haircut to suit you!

Best Men’s Haircut London by Willow Hair Highgate

Choose to clipper cut the sides and back not too high or short, keep the top textured with a little length, and you have yourself a groomed stylish pompadour look. Close cut the sides, back short and high, disconnect the top leaving longer length, and you have yourself a statement look. Fabricate a strong clipper cut parting & you have yourself a signature haircut. Wear your pompadour loose with little product for a relaxed look or textured with product for an edgier look.

However you want to wear your hair, pompadour or classic cropped cut, be assured at Willow Hair HIghgate we can deliver the best men’s haircut London.