When looking for the best hair colourist in London different things are of importance depending on what you would classify as the best?

Would it be a salon that offers beautiful bespoke highlights using a balayage technique? This technique can be used to give subtle reflects of colour to characterise your look illuminating your natural colour all over or enhancing your complexion with flashlights around your hairline. Free hand or balayage techniques can also give subtle or strong ombre results where colour is lifted lighter through the ends for that grown out summer sun-kissed look.

Maybe when looking for the best hair colourist in London you would be looking for a salon that can deliver cutting edge fashion effects? The latest trend in hair colour at the moment is Colourful Hair. L’Oreal Professionnel have the best range of high performance fashion shades whether you want soft hues of sunset coral or strong tones of hypnotic magenta these vibrant colours along with many more are available for you.

Pre-lighten strobes of hair or be brave and pre-lighten a global application and use a vibrant colour from the L’Oreal Professionnel Colorful hair range to make a bold statement.

Would you like glossing services and ammonia-free colouring? For those of you who don’t want to compromise your natural base, just add subtle tones to intensify your own natural colour or simply add gloss and shine to help complement your natural colour and texture. This could be what you are looking for in your best hair colourist in London!

Finally what about a traditional approach? A classic set of traditional highlights to add definition or the appearance of texture to any hair type. Perhaps you desire a global application of colour to change your natural colour or maybe blend in a few of those stubborn greys.

For your best hair colourist in London be assured you are in safe, competent hands with our experienced stylists offering you a comprehensive range of colouring services and techniques at our Highgate salon Willow Hairone of the best for hair colour in London.