For individuals looking for a splash of colour, whether it be a natural or fashion shade, but are unwilling to colour their own hair, hair extensions are the next best alternative.

A dual purpose hair accessory, they also provide length and fullness where required and can be applied using a variation of techniques.

The origins or hair extensions date as far back as the Egyptians in 3400 BC. Using resin and beeswax to attach the hair pieces (usually made from a combination of human hair & dyed sheep’s wool), they experimented with wigs, sewn on hair pieces & braids.

Popular colours included bright blues, reds & gold’s in addition to black. A well known favourite of Cleopatra’s was the peacock blue, a shade that has been used widely on the catwalk in recent years.

Over the decades, an individual’s hairstyle became an indicator of age, religion and wealth, not only in Egypt, but worldwide. Hair styles changed and were adapted throughout time by people of all races until the products that we find on the market today had established themselves as successful hair application techniques.

Each technique has its pros & cons and opinions on which are the best vary from person to person. Before deciding on what type of hair extensions to go for, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions;

  • Why do you want hair extensions? Length, Volume or an Event perhaps?
  • How long do you want to keep them in? Days, Weeks or Months?
  • What is your budget? Prices vary hugely dependant on the type, length, quantity and application time.

Whilst these might seem like tedious questions, they really will help you to determine the best form of extension for you.

Below is a table listing the most popular techniques and their attributes.




Heat Frequency


Cold Fusion


Stick In


Clip in


Sewn/ Braided in


Micro Rings




Keratin bonds are attached to the hair using heat



Keratin Bonds are attached to the hair using subtle vibrations which generate heat


Hair is applied using sticky strips attached to the hair.


Clip ins are applied using pressure sensitive clips.


Natural hair is braided to create a base from which the extensions can be sewn to.



Hair is fed through small beads and clamped shut.



Suitable Hair Type


Most hair types. Med-Thick density hair is best


Most hair types. Med-Thick density hair is best


All hair types.
Will last longer on thin- medium density hair


Best suited to

Medium Density hair


Suitable for most hair types. Not recommended for thin hair.


Medium- thick density hair


Required Maintenance


Avoid contact with any oil based products & heat styling tools  on bonds



Avoid contact with any oil based products & heat styling tools  on bonds



Avoid contact with any oil based products & heat styling tools  on bonds



Wash only when necessary & apply a deep conditioner or mask if the hair becomes dry



Wash Her regularly but avoid over emulsifying at the scalp


Avoid contact with any oil based products at base of extension.


Application Time


Dependant on quantity



Dependant on quantity



Approx. 30min- 1 hr


10 minutes


Approx 3 hrs


Dependant on quantity


£ £££ £££ £ £ ££ £££

Our salon has been established for over 10 years, and it took a lot of research and trials to find a product which not only did our stylist love, but so did our clients. During this time we have witnessed society as a whole, prove themselves keener than ever to develop more natural products with an ever increasing pressure to ensure that this is accomplished as ethically as possible.

This aspect was one of many which fuelled our desire to work alongside Great Lengths.

Great Lengths are an English company, and first established themselves over 25 years ago in London in 1991. As a company Great Lengths have invested much time and money into establishing themselves as one of the top suppliers of 100% human hair which is ethically sourced from India.

The hair is donated by both men and women on completing a religious pilgrimage to the Hindu Temple in Tirumala, India.

All proceeds made from the sales of these generous donations are then reinvested towards important local community projects such as medical aid and education.

Once collected, the hair is purified and sewn into sheets of cloth to ensure the hair follicles are held in place. Existing pigment is then removed from the hair via the process of osmosis, to prevent damage, before being placed into a colour bath to be fixed with a new colour.

-This process is also used within the production of Cashmere, and Great Lengths confidently guarantee that it leaves the hair manageable, glossy and long lasting!

Great lengths pride themselves on their hair… (Quite rightly so) and continuously reinvent new colours dependant on what’s popular on the catwalks. With a wide range of lengths, colours and styles available, No longer are extensions a symbol of ones wealth, but are a representation of the individual who wears them… no matter where they stand on the social ladder!!!!

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Limited Edition & Balayage Hair also available.

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